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German-Chinese Hospital Days

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14. März 2021

German-Chinese Hospital Days 

October 28 and 29, 2021

In the corona crisis, the hospitals were the backbone of the health care for the population. This has shown that hospitals in both Germany and China were facing similar problems. Beyond corona, hospitals in China and Germany face a number of common challenges, like demographic changes or the financing of the healthcare services. However, both countries have different management approaches. While German hospitals almost exclusively focus on the conventional medicine, in China the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is commonly practiced along the Western medicine. 

With the “German-Chinese Hospital Days” we want to establish an annual cross-border base for the German-Chinese exchange in the hospital sector, especially focused on TCM in hospitals. We are introducing the topic of TCM in hospital management to raise awareness among relevant stakeholders (insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, etc.) in Germany. In the upcoming years, the “German-Chinese Hospital Days” will become a relevant exchange platform, for doctors and scientists, leading the way of integrating TCM in the Western Medicine. 

With this exchange, Germany will pilot the discussion of introducing TCM into the Western practices. Policy makers, associations, hospital executives, doctors, scientist and health insurance providers, from both Germany and China, are to be among the speakers and participants. Further industry partners and countries will join this platform in the upcoming years.

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DCG-Health hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt den Austausch zwischen deutschen und chinesischen Gesundheitseinrichtungen zu fördern und zu begleiten.
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